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California Almost Elected Mitt Romney

Democratic President Barack Obama has not had to campaign in California, because he is leading by 15 percentage points according to the most recent Reason-Rupe poll. But what if all 55 of California’s Electoral College votes were awarded to whoever wins the national popular vote? That almost happened this year, because Governor Jerry Brown signed the National Popular Vote bill. Can you imagine the shock if the “Left Coast” was responsible for electing Mitt Romney the 45th President of the United States?

Climate Alarmists Hate Good News

Two new pieces of climate change data caught my attention this week. One, from the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center (nope, I’d never heard of it before either), indicates that Antarctica is now surrounded by the greatest area of sea ice ever recorded in the region — some 7.5 million square miles worth, according to satellite data.

The other, jointly produced by the Hadley Centre of the UK Met Office and the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, indicates that global warming actually stopped nearly 16 years ago. The finding, an update from the HadCRUT4 global temperature dataset, was compiled from more than 3,000 measuring points on land and sea.

Ann Schwab, Chico, CA Mayor Supports Agenda 21: Vote Her OUT!

Letter: Ann Schwab adopts U.N.’s agenda Chico Enterprise-Record Posted:   10/16/2012 12:10:42 AM PDT In 2006, the Chico City Council voted 4-3 to sign the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.The U.S. Conference of Mayors for Climate Protection is part of the international arm of U.N. Agenda 21 — Sustainable Development-Global Warming. A nongovernmental…

State Parks Director: Negligent or Incompetent?

State parks director: negligent or incompetent? Katy Grimes: The California State Parks agency has been sullied by a growing scandal. Three days ago I wrote about the illegal vacation buyout scandal in the State Parks and Recreation agency in “Scandalous state parks department needs privatization.” I questioned who it was that authorized the checks that were paid to the…

Sierra Club: VOTE NO ON PROP. 31

Please vote NO on Prop 31. While this well-intentioned measure touts its devotion to reform, transparency and oversight, this flawed initiative actually creates a more complex and unmanageable governance system and undermines environmental laws.

ROSA KOIRE: NO on Proposition 31

I’m here to urge you to vote NO on Prop 31 and to tell you why.

Because we’re nearing Halloween I thought you’d appreciate this analogy.
Prop 31 is like the razor-blade in the candy apple. You aren’t expecting to find something dangerous wrapped in a nice package, and your inattention can hurt you badly.

STANLEY KURTZ: NO on Proposition 31

Wake up California. You are perilously close to ratifying Proposition 31, a sweepingly redistributionist and profoundly undemocratic transformation of your way of life, and you don’t even know what’s at stake.

128,000ft Skydive Sets World Record

 Baumgartner stood for several seconds before leaping into the stratosphere.  Skydiver Felix Baumgartner lands highest ever jump By Jonathan AmosScience correspondent Related Stories Second skydive bid postponed Weather key to skydive attempt Listen A man on ledge, 23 miles up Austrian Felix Baumgartner has broken the record for the highest ever skydive by jumping out…

Gore Profits From Global Warming Hoax

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff October 11, 2012 1:25 pm The Washington Post published a lengthy story this morning detailing former Vice President Al Gore’s work in the green energy sector, cataloguing the ways in which he has benefitted from President Barack Obama’s stimulus. The article reports that Gore’s personal asset value has increased from about $2 million in…

QE3 Shipwreck Ahead

QE3: Shipwreck Ahead 09/26/2012 Rosa Koire What’s a major goal of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development? Collapse the world economy. How’s it going? Ask the Spanish, Greeks, Italians, Irish…or the Americans. They call it ‘austerity measures.’  The new poverty.  The new austerity.  They won’t be done till you’re chewing your shoes.Bernanke’s latest ‘solution’ is to buy…