November 2012

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The Agenda

The Agenda Details the Lefts Plan to Destroy The United State of America.

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A Tax on Carbon is A Tax on Life

   By Viv Forbes Carbon is the essential building block for all living things. But life cannot exist without energy. The primary energy of the solar…

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Giant Sun Eruption Captured in NASA Video

by Tariq Malik, Managing Editor Date: 17 November 2012 Time: 09:27 AM ET Sun Erupts With Spectacular Plasma Prominence (Photos) Northern Lights Over Lake…

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Media Panic to Control Exposure of Agenda 21 Takeover

Opponents of Agenda 21′s local implementation in the United States have begun mounting a notable resistance. At state capitals and city councils, activists are showing up to educate and lobby their elected representatives about the implications of this United Nations’ plan for sovereignty, property rights and the future development of the country.

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Republican Party insiders would love to blame their election losses on emerging demographic voting patterns, which result in voting “based on who you are, not where you live or how well each campaign has articulated its case.” This excuse does provide cover for Karl Rove’s American Crossroads PAC to defend why their $103 million in television ads got only a 1.29% return on its investment. But as Ron Paul eloquently explains, after the Party leadership excluded millions of Libertarian youth, Republicans really lost because they:
“go along with endorsing a never-ending policy of bailouts, “stimulus packages,” and foreign military adventurism, [and] the establishment of neither major party questions the assaults on Americans’ liberties … As my campaign showed, the American people are fed up. Many realized heading into Tuesday that regardless of who won the presidential election, the status quo would be the real victor.” …

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California’s fate rests on more than this election

As California voters prepare to square off with several tax increase measures on next Tuesday’s ballot, the fate of California balances on a precarious cliff. But it’s not just the tax increases which could push the state over the cliff… that’s just part one.

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