January 2014


D’Souza vs. Ayers at Dartmouth

Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and the former leader of the far-left domestic terrorist group Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, battled in a contentious debate held at…


Politics of Hate and Envy

Walter E. Williams  Part of the progressive agenda is to create hate and envy. One component of that agenda is to attack the large differences…


Four words in the ACA could spell its doom

By George F. Will, Washington Post blog Someone you probably are not familiar with has filed a suit you probably have not heard about concerning a…


Oh-oh, even California’s turning on Obama

Investors Business Daily As everyone knows, California is the la-de-dah, laid-back land of liberalism that’s been Barack Obama’s political ATM for six years. Hollywood stars…


This e-mail is a Hoax. A Good Hoax

By Paul Preston, New StreaMedia News Just before the State of the Union speech by President Obama we get the typical hoax disinformation from the…


President Whuss and the State of the Union

By Chriss Street, New StreaMedia News During the morning before the 2014 State of the Union Address, White House Counsel John Podesta fired up the…

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