California Governor Jerry Brown Denounces Common Core..Arne Dunkin


By Paul Preston


In the ‘About” section of the You Tube screen associated with Governor Jerry Brown’s recent speech to the American Federation of Teachers convention the descriptor reads:
“California Governor Jerry Brown contrasts California’s well-rounded approach to public schools with the test and punish strategy of the Department of Education.”

The key word there is ‘contrasts’. This is code in the education world for what we conservatives would say “condemns”.

So let’s rewrite Brown’s comments in the conservative style: “California Governor Jerry Brown praises California’s well-rounded approach to public schools and condemns the test and punish strategy of the Federal Department of Education.”

There doesn’t that sound better for us conservatives! Well it should because in the speech to the AFT California Governor Jerry Brown really does blast Common Core and the Administration which has been trying to force a totalitarian take over of what is a State’s right issue the education of our children.

Educators who are almost always thought of as liberal are actually much more conservative especially at the K-12 levels than their post secondary counterparts. That’s why the vast majority of K-12 educators are rejecting Race to the Top and the federal standards that go along with RTTT Common Core.

I rejected Race to the Top when President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan rolled out the program out as a competitive grant program to states in 2009. I said then and my comments have been proven to be correct that RTTT was nothing more than the federalization of public education.


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  1. Joanne Alden | July 30, 2014 at 6:41 am | Reply

    Is he planning ahead, needing to appeal to the conservatives who might vote, and who of a body despise what public school is now used for ? Who have noticed the glittering eyes of the muslim .. is it Kashtari ?….looking hopefully to take the governor’s seat from Brown . . .

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