About Paul Preston’s Agenda 21 Radio

About Paul Preston’s Agenda 21 Radio

Agenda 21 Radio

Stopping Totalitarianism One Community at a Time


Agenda 21 Radio is on the Air!
Join Paul Preston as he takes on the issues surrounding the United Nations Agenda 21….The United Nations’ plan for YOU for the 21st Century.  Most people don’t know that the United Nations in 1992 came up with a plan, a design that will control virtually every aspect of your life but they did and the “Plan” is in effect! Under the guise of “Environmentalism” the United Nations Agenda 21 is in reality a means to destroy capitalism and redistribute the wealth of the United States.  The motto ‘Think Globally and Act Locally” is the United Nations way of saying they are going to impose their plans found in United Nations Agenda 21 through an organization known as the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives aka as ICLEI.

ICLEI is the arm of the United Nations that works with local communities to impose United Nations law on you and is designed to strip you of you property and ultimately your freedom.  Learn about ‘Sustainability’ and all the other words designed to confuse you into giving up your freedoms to the United Nations.  United Nations Agenda 21 is the master plan that is being utilized right now by the political left to cause fuel prices to rise, businesses to leave the United States, remove you from your land, take your property, manipulate our economy, take away our Constitutional Rights and depopulate our planet.

Starting with Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto Paul takes you through the journey of how National Socialist / Fascists (NAZI), Communists and Islamists have forged themselves into what Paul calls the ‘Three Pillars of Totalitarianism…Communism, Naziism and Islamism’. Using the United Nations these three pillars are using environmentalism, terrorism and social engineering as their tools to redistribute America’s wealth and enslave our people for the ‘greater good’.

Paul engages your political and cultural norms in meaningful debates over race, government and education. Paul presents reasoned analysis on many of the myths apparent in our system of government, our society, and the media.

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  1. Wayne

    Paul and Chriss,
    On the Marianne Williamson mention on the Waxman talk today (1-30-14) the reference to the “little ball of golden light…” can be a meditative introduction to hypnosis and self hypnosis which can be beneficial or manipulative depending upon the intent behind the facilitator. My gut says this woman is New Age all the way because she pulls many spiritual philosophy’s into her total make up. She uses the teachings of Jesus extensively so unless she twists this material like Jerry Brown and his supposed Jesuit background I would have to wait and see more from her before I could make a determination as to her “footing.” She is well liked by many especially the Hollywood “pretty people” types and her “spiel” is pretty people all the way so I think we know where this is going, but don’t be too quick to judge as it degrades one’s believability. Here’s a link to her “little ball” statement:


    Thanks for your program, I try to listen every day.
    Wayne Russak

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