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  1. Dave

    Hi Paul,
    The Colorado Springs shooting seems very fishy, judging by the behavior of the police and the nature of their rhetoric. Are there any efforts to further investigate this?

    1. Preston

      YES. There are number of people doing follow-up. This is a false flag operation by the administration.

  2. Don and Beth Johnson

    A friend sends us your articles but we would like to receive them directly. Can this be done? We would really appreciate it.

  3. Roger Rankin

    Thanks for your radio information. I really LOVE that recording of a woman “declaring” that she will protect herself, WHILE the government protects the CONSTITUTION ! That really nails it with so many of us under the threats and microscopes. Please play this more often?

    I have my white van with 2 posters mounted (36 X 42) on the sides.
    You may have seen it….it’s the US CONSTITUTION and 1410 AM is also posted on the roof racks. Anything I can do to “media” your world is my extreme privilege!

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